Reablement and Self Management: Practical Skills @ SCQF Level 6


This unit is designed specifically for those who already work in the field of health and social care in direct contact with service users. Developed in partnership with NHS Dumfries & Galloway, you should currently be employed in a support role such as Health Care Support Worker, or Home Carer etc. 
The unit is designed to help you to develop your understanding of the principles of reablement/enablement, and the other factors which may affect the individual’s ability to maintain daily life skills. It will help you to develop a reablement ethos within your working role and promote an individual’s ability to self-manage.

Study at this level will prepare you well for study at SCQF7/HNC should you wish to do that in 23/24

Online course start dates 16th January 2023, each cohort lasts for 18 weeks approximately. There will be a brief introduction to the programme through Teams postings, and then regular postings to guide you through your learning week by week and assessment submissions

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There is a notional 80 hours of study in the programme, all your work must be submitted within the 18 weeks of the course.

Entry Requirements

You must currently be working directly with individuals in the field of health and social care.

Information and Interview Session Requirements

In your application under ‘personal statement’ you should state where you currently work.

Course Content

Body systems – respiratory, nervous, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and associated conditions.
Legislation and government initiatives, which led to the need for enabling people to live independently.
What enablement is and why it is needed. 
Reports on three occasions where you have used an enabling approach.
Reflections on your practice.


There are assessments to complete at the end of each learning bite. These are all open book and submitted online via our Digiskill Scotland website.


You may want to look at progressing to another level 6 full time programme or HNC level. 
This unit is also a recommendation for those working in communities or a hospital for the NHS

Career Prospects

NHS in the community, STARS team, Social Care work, Health Care Work.

Additional funding information

The cost of this course is covered by Dumfries and Galloway College Fee Waiver

Selling Points

Available fully online. Your tutor will direct your weekly learning for the 18-week programme, setting submission dates and give feedback on your assessments.
Gain your qualifications alongside your daily job.