Lifeskills (NQ) @ SCQF Level 2


If you would like a supported learning environment to enable you to reach your full potential this programme may be the perfect platform for you. 

This is a one-year full time programme and is suitable for you if you are transitioning from school to further education, or if you are an adult learner wishing to return to education to further your learning at SCQF level 2. It is also suitable for you if you are a progressing college student and are ready to move further towards independence and you have demonstrated ability to work at SCQF level 2. 

This programme is designed to build the following: 

  • your confidence,
  • enhance your life skills,
  • your skills for independent living,
  • your employment skills, and
  • increase your personal and social development.
  • You will have opportunities on this course to spend some time out in the community practicing and applying a range of knowledge and skills you will be developing.

Course code





This is a full time programme and will be delivered over 36 weeks.

Entry Requirements

The minimum entry requirements are: 

  • You will have already attained some SQA level 2 qualifications and demonstrated ability to work consistently at this level. 
  • You will take part in a discussion with a member of our team to determine the suitability of the course for you. 
  • Enthusiasm to undertake a full-time college programme and have the capacity to attend all lessons. 

Information and Interview Session Requirements

This is a key aspect of the application process. You must confirm your attendance should you be offered an appointment. During the Advice Session / Interview, we will ensure the entry requirements and your aspirations and career plan are appropriate for the course and the level of course you have applied for. It is therefore important that you prepare well for this.

Course Content

You will be learning through four main themes on our course;

  • Home Life
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Citizenship
  • Employment

You will be learning and developing skills through topics such as:

  • Eco-Awareness, where you learn about re-cycling and sustainability,
  • How to look after your health, such as planning and preparing nutritious food and looking after your wellbeing,
  • Independent living skills including communication and financial awareness
  • Exploring what physical activity you enjoy, planning and taking part in a range of activities suitable for you, including
  • outdoor activities
  • Developing positive social relationships
  • Travel in the community
  • Fundraising
  • Investigating Media products
  • Exploring the workplace
  • Employment skills


A variety of approaches are taken to assessment, for example: practical assessments through observation, building portfolios of evidence of outcomes attained, oral presentations or questions and answer sessions. Assessment is ongoing throughout the session.


On successful completion of this course, you may wish to continue your learning journey at college. You have the following options for progression:

  • The offer to return and complete a second-year framework of this programme.
  • Progression to our Level 3 programme: Pathway to Employment
  • Progression to an appropriate further education course of your choice at a suitable level.
  • Progression to a supported employment programme
  • Exit to employment
  • Exit to community involvement
  • Exit to Volunteering opportunities 

Career Prospects

Learners may take up supported employment and may be able to progress to Project SEARCH. (Dumfries Campus) or Bridge to Employment with Better Lives Partnership at Stranraer.

Selling Points

  • Suitable programme for students with learning support needs to transition to post 16 education or return to education to gain further skills. 
  • Flexibility and personalisation in approaches to learning and teaching to suit individual students. 
  • Emphasis on developing vocational skills, skills for life and independent living.