Foundation Studies in Creative Industries (NQ) @ SCQF Level 5


This is an introductory foundation course in creative industries providing a breadth of activities and approaches across a range of media. The programme framework covers three stages to allow learners to explore, create and then present their creative work.  
The majority of the course will be spent building skills and expanding your experience across various aspects of creativity, in the areas of Art and Design, Photography and Visual Communication (Graphic Design with Moving Image). This course allows you to explore a variety of creative subjects and become prepared for a job market which expects individuals to have multiple skills and to think in innovative and creative ways. The course has a blended delivery approach including online and face to face study. Your digital skills will be enhanced through creative digital work and elements of online learning.  

All learners will study the three areas of the creative industries curriculum offered at the college allowing their artistic and creative skills to flourish in the building of an individual, visually exciting portfolio of work for progression to further study or into employment. 

Course code





Attendance: FT 

Full time 2/3 days per week 

Independent study time is also required.

Entry Requirements

  • No formal academic qualifications required 
  • Applicants should demonstrate the ability to work at National 5 Level 
  • Student should bring examples of creative work to interview 
  • Current college students will require a positive progressing learner reference and core skills development 

Information and Interview Session Requirements

Once we have received your application, you may be asked to attend an interview. This may be face to face, phone, or Microsoft Teams. You must confirm your attendance. Your interview will last no more than 20mins and it is imperative you arrive on time, or you may be asked to reschedule. 

Portfolio requirements: 

  • Your portfolio should preferably include work from different subject areas that demonstrate a keen interest in artistic and creative skills, for example Art & Design (drawings, paintings), Photography and Visual Communication (design, typography, animation).  
  • Please bring a maximum of what you would say are your 10 best pieces of work, such as photographs, artwork, drawings, graphic design, film, paintings, mixed media, 3D artwork, typography and layout, digital files, animation, video, or a combination of all.  
  • Your portfolio demonstrates your creativity and practical skills in the field of creative industries and highlights your enthusiasm and organisational skills, but most of all it shows your potential.  
  • Please be prepared to discuss why and how you produced the creative work in your portfolio. 
  • Applicants who do not bring examples of creative work will be asked to reschedule their appointment. 
  • You may also be asked to complete a skills test as part of your interview. 

Course Content

You will undertake a range of integrated projects developing skills in shape, line, composition, form, negative space, leading lines, texture, mark making, and colour.  
Towards the end of the course, you will be expected to complete a final portfolio project in your chosen area of the creative industries sector. Lessons will take place in general classrooms and through online learning, a considerable amount of time will be spent in our art studios, photographic studios, and Apple Mac labs.  

Essential skills for employment or progression to further study will be developed including ICT, Communication, Numeracy, Problem solving and Working with Others. During the course you will work both independently and as a member of a team.


Practical assessments with written work.


Students may apply to progress the National Certificate programmes in Art and Design, Photography or Visual Communication (Graphic Design with Moving Image).

Career Prospects

The course is designed to provide a foundation to further study in creative industries which then will provide access to employment in a range of careers in the Creative Industries.

Additional funding information

You may be eligible for Bursary or EMA funding for this course. Please contact a member of the funding team for details.
(01387) 734000

Selling Points

  • Make decisions about your future  
  • Take part in a range of relevant workshops 
  • Enhance your digital skills  
  • Be taught by practicing artists 
  • Develop skills for employment 
  • Exhibit your work 
  • Build a portfolio for progression