This is a newly added short full time (2 days a week for 16 weeks) programme which will help you to prepare for further study in the health and social care sector.  It will provide the opportunity to investigate a range of employment opportunities in the sector alongside looking at the skills required to work in the sector.

The study will mostly be through online live lessons via Teams, though there will be a few occasions where you may be required to come to the Dumfries Campus for face to face lessons.

You must be able to cope with the demands of level 5 study.  Much of your learning will involve independent research.  In the future you may be supporting people who may be at a vulnerable time in their lives and who must have their needs met, you must develop the resilience to be able to support them.

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You must be able to attend and engage 100% of the time online and face to face.  Any future employers would expect a certain standard of behaviour and engagement in work and we need you to demonstrate at all times that you are suitable for working in the care sector in the future.

Entry Requirements

Think carefully before applying, have you got the time and motivation to study?  Is care the right course for you?  Look carefully at your progression routes and what qualifications you may need in the future – or what age you may need to be to work in the sector.

Could you be good at learning and working online?  Remember only a little bit oft the course is face to face.

You must be eligible in the future to join the PVG scheme (criminal record check).

You must be reliable and physically and mentally capable of supporting others

You must have five full awards at N4 level including English and Maths

Make sure your application personal statement tells us about WHY you want to be on this course, WHAT you want to do as a career, and WHAT you hope to get from studying with us.

Information and Interview Session Requirements

If you meet the entry requirements and have a good personal statement we will give you a quick phone call to make sure the course is right for you before making an offer.


Course Content

Skills for working in the Health Sector

The cardiovascular System

Life Sciences Industry

Improving Health and Wellbeing

Working in Non-Clinical Roles

Work on NHS Turas online portfolio


Short answer response questions

Research based questions


This programme is intended for you to progress to work in the sector or study further.  You may be able to apply for the SCQF level 6 Health and Social Care Theory programme.  Let us know about what you want to be doing within your application statement.

Career Prospects

Working in the health and social care sector

Additional funding information

You may be eligible for Bursary or EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance)  funding for this course. Please contact a member of the funding team for details.

Selling Points

If you’ve no experience of working in care, then this course will help you to investigate the range of employment available within the health and social care sector.  You will learn about the skills and behaviours you need to develop as well as gain some academic qualifications.  Successful completion of the programme may help you to progress to a programme at SCQF level 6.  You may also be able to apply for employment as a route of progression.

The course is 16 weeks long and your attendance will be mostly online.  Classes will be 1.5 days per week.